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        1. 法人雜志簡介
          2019-08-05 08:27 來源:法人網 作者:本刊編輯部






          As a sub-journal of the Legal Daily which is the Central Political and Law Commission, Faren Magazine was set up in January 2004. It aims to be a rational observer of commercial community, an active promoter of legalization, a witness to the history of China's economic development, and an active participant in facilitating comprehensive rule of law and striving to turn China into a modern, prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious country.

          Aim of the publication of the magazine:carryingforward the spirit of democracy and rule of law, promoting the enterprises compliance management by the law.

          Magazine Orientation:focusing on significant economic issues and the enterprise compliance management by the law.

          By virtue of Legal Daily, Faren Magazine owns advantaged legal resources and numerous information channels, and thus gets highly acknowledged by the business, legal and media fields. Over the past few years, Faren Magazine has been adhering to the legal aspect, global view and deep investigation concept. In order to approach the core of financial and legal events, it pays a special attention to the business environment and legal system construction. It actively explores the issues such as the development of enterprises and legal right protection of entrepreneurs. It has a deep study on the legal and logic relationship in accordance with laws and regulations of compliance management in business activities. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China sets new tasks for comprehensively advancing the rule of law in the new era. It clarifies that by 2035, the country governed by the rule of law, the government governed by the rule of law and the society governed by the rule of law would be built basically. It practices advancing the law-based management for enterprises and strengthening enterprises. It solves the deep-seated problems facing the economic and social development by using the rule of legal thinking and methods, and promotes the modernization of corporate governance system and corporate governance ability on the orbit of the rule of law. It helps enterprises to build a compliance governance system and improves their compliance governance capabilities. Meanwhile, it promotes enterprises compliance management and it helps the enterprises to develop healthy and orderly.

          Farennews(www.assase.com) is the official website of Faren Magazine owned by Legal Daily. Capitalizing on all available resources, it spares no effort in gaining four advantages: authoritativeness,guidance,interaction and service-orientation, which not only provides legal references and standpoints for entrepreneurs, but also builds a business information sharing and mutual assistance platform among enterprise legal persons, and aims to be a bridge connecting legal professionals with the needs of corporate legal services.